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Complaints Handling Procedure

At Lockdown Refunds we pride ourselves on offering the very best Customer Service. Occasionally things may go wrong, and if they do, we want to hear from you so we can have an opportunity to put things right. Your feedback will help us improve the service we provide to our customers.
Step one – Contact us
In the event of a complaint, it is essential you contact us immediately via any of the preferred channels below:
Telephone: 07545489880
Post: 5 Cross Street, West Haven, Cumbria CA28 7BX
Step two – Acknowledgement
We will acknowledge receipt of your complaint via post, Email, or telephone. The complaint will be logged, and a dispute handler will be assigned to handle your case. We will provide a reference number which can be used to track the progress of your dispute.
Step three – Investigation
Our Quality Assurance Team will investigate your any concerns you raise. We Follow up all aspects of the complaint, both internal and external, to ensure that the key facts are identified and clarified. We aim to resolve all disputes within 7 working days. This may vary should we be required to consult external parties such as energy suppliers, should this be the case your dispute handler will notify you.
Step four – Outcome
We will now provide you a final response based on our investigative findings, as well as our findings and any proposed actions. We ensure that the final resolution is clear and fair. If our findings do not support the dispute, this will be moved to deadlock status. We will of course endeavour to avoid this scenario as we aim to come to a viable conclusion.
Step five – Challenge
Our findings will be based solely on the merits of the investigation, should you wish to challenge any aspect of a deadlock, you can do so by providing additional information and/or evidence.
Step six – Ombudsman Services
In the rare event that you disagree with our outcome, and are unable to challenge this, the complaint will remain deadlocked. You can then refer your dispute to the Ombudsman for an independent review. This service is free and available under the following circumstances.
• The complaint has reached deadlock status.
• It has been 8 weeks since complaint raised date with no response.
Please see below the channels to reach the Ombudsman.
Telephone: 0330 440 1624
Post: Energy Ombudsman, PO Box 966, Warrington, WA4 9DF