What are zero standing charges on energy bills?

A zero standing charge is an electricity or gas tariff where the customer does not pay a daily or monthly charge for their energy supply. Instead, they only pay for the energy that they actually use.

This type of tariff can work out cheaper for customers who have low energy usage, as they will not have to pay a standing charge even if they don’t use much energy. However, customers who have high energy usage may find that zero standing charges result in them paying more for their energy overall.

Zero-standing charges are becoming increasingly common as energy suppliers compete to offer the most competitive tariffs. However, it is important to compare all the features of a tariff before switching to one with zero standing charges, as this may not always be the cheapest option.

Where are zero standing charges on my energy bills?

The information about standing charges should be on your bills where it says, Standing Charges, Service Charges, Daily Charges, Monthly Charges, or even Quarterly Charges.

We have marked where on a bill you can find your standing charges on the example bill provided below.

If there are zero charges on this part of your bill, it means you are on a zero-standing charge tariff.

What are zero standing charges on energy bills?